Thoughts on the film “Seediq Bale”

The movie portraits  the history between Japanese empire and Taiwanese aboriginal society. It was mere a short spotlight of the history which Japanese occupied Taiwan. They colonized Taiwan from 1895 to 1945 for almost 50 years. The reason why I watched the movie is I love history. To know the ancient life, to realize and to live better now.

Lots of violent action are fulled of the film, but it was absolutely the life of ancient aborigines got through before. They cut the others head to show they are adults, not a kid any more. They drank for celebrating the harvest. They lived in a savage way, Japanese said. I’ve never seen such authentic picture in a movie before. How did the director make it? Seediq Bale is not a documentary, yet a convincing and accurate history movie rather than a virtual one. I like the way the film show us. Only by doing so, teenagers would know their true self. Why should we need to subject to another people? We can’t forget the way Japanese used to treat us. We can’t even forget our mother tongue.

The movie is definitely a milestone of Taiwanese movie about aboriginal movie. It seems that there are going to have more ethnic topic movie. It’s a best way to know ourselves. A variety of culture are just like mirrors. We need to get more realization of ourselves by different mirrors. That’s why I learn lots of language on this semester.  I want to know myself much.

However, i have something critical to say for the movie. How Japanese treat our female people the movie never mention. They used to rape them. It’s really vicious. Who is much more savage on the earth? Though the aborigines fought for wild animals and people’s head, they had their rule to hunt. They had their own territory. Since Japanese resided in Taiwan, They forced aborigines to cut the tree, burn the plants and construct  the road. They do cause damage of our earth. Who is much more savage on the earth?

Last but the least, as far as I’m concerned, the calligraphy Japanese wrote on a flag was really unattractive. You grab the word for Chinese, learn the calligraphy from Chinese, or even cargo the wood from Taiwan. Who is much more civilization?

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