The Paradox of The Powerful Nations

Taiwan is a good place to have deeply research on International Relationship. I’m sure that we live in a dynamic turning point, such as cross-strait issue and the thought of the United State. We are now making the history. We are standing on the cutting edge. That’s why i really love to know the latest new around the world, so now let’s start a glance of American thought.

However, we need to realize the two strong point of view of International Relationship first. There are Realism and Liberalism. Though now we can read on the book for more schooling, like Neorealism, Neoliberalism, structural realism etc…,but anyway, they are all base on the realism and liberalism.

From the point of view of Realism, due to uncertainty between nation and nation, what a country need to do is to gain their weapon,the more and the better. They would also make an alliance with other country to gain their military ability. That’s why Iran hasted to produce nuclear weapon. That’s why nations during WWI quickly cooperate with their ally.

But for Liberalism, mentioned by President Wilson, they thought the conflict between countries can be solved by our true mind – to treat people well from our deep thinking. Any person would be a philanthropist. Any country would be kindhearted. It’s a totally different view from realism.

It’s not very hard to realize. When the US told us they want to sale F16 A/B aircraft to us, It’s the classical sample of Realism, cause we are in deep friendship, but finally, Barack Obama administration denied the contract. He scared of influence between the US and China. He even said, to upgrade Taiwan has had is enough. Strengthen relationship because of Ma would assure the stability between Taiwan ans China. That is a typically view of Liberalism.

But in my opinion, i stand on the view of realism. You know what, the acquire of military sale from Iraq yesterday was acceptable by the US. They are not in a strong ally, but why the US accepted?? It’s all because of Realism. The US want to see the middle Asia in chaos all the time. The more disorder in the middle Asia, the United State will get the happier mood. The US is not looking forward to seeing any country to get strong, especially for China. That’s the problem. That’s the big deal. The powerful Nationals want to seize the right to control the world.

However, as for small country, such as Libya, it’s not the fault of getting weapon. it’s not the fault of Muammar Gaddafi. it’s all for the selfish mind of the US. The person who fight against with the US, then he or she will chase down and kill. The most ridiculous is that they said they are fighting for liberty, and therefore, people around the world said, yes, we need to fight for it, too, regardless of religion.

That’s the truly problem – the mind of our heart, rather than any excuse from any academic view.

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