I told to my mom i wanted to give up the course in a University yesterday. It doesn’t make help for my future, why should I spend my precious time, spend the money on the school? What can it work for a college certification?

I’m sure i love to know the knowledge, but what if that the knowledge i don’t like to take in? just as i said on my profile, i am not a good student in my major. I don’t take my mind on the required course at all, neither do my optional course. However, I spend lots of time on the course I like, but all of them can learned by myself. Why should I spend time on a school????

There is a generation gap actually.  Parents asked me to get the certification no matter i like or not. I’m a bad children ha…. I REALLY WANT TO FREE!!!!


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2 thoughts on “I WANT TO FREE

  1. well, i think have a degree is not bad idea~it help you in the future no matter if you think is not important you never know
    and never is late for study whatever you want

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