We’re totally wrong- the death of Moammar Gadhafi

Who is Moammar Gadhafi?? Why people around the world feel happy about his death, American in particularly? He is merely a common human being!!!!!! It’s really unfair TV broadcast the first bloody image of him prompted wild celebration in Lybian Capital before his death was confirmed.

No one likes to be showed his or her corpse in public, not to mention around the world, but because of his tyranny, against the main power of the world, he needs to be strongly criticized. It’s totally a conspiracy. What if i say according to this kind of thought, all the government leaders in north African and middle east who carried out autocratic regime should be treated as Gadhafi when they live and die, such as Egypt leader Mubarak, Yemen leader Ali Abdullah Saleh etc… There are lots of leaders like them rule the country for more than three decade, but why they can be sheltered by the USA? Why they can transfer the regime peacefully? Why they don’t hurt? why they don’t need to be fighted with NTC??

It’s all about American strategy!!! You guys all remember Jasmine revolution right? People live in North Africa and middle east fight for their future. Teenagers there couldn’t foresee their bright future because of high unemployment rate, high inflation but low income. therefore, they resist their long rule government for anticipating new ruler. there is also a Chinese revolution after then, but not successful. Anyway, i’m not going to talk about this. however, we need to know on that moment new regimes successfully transfered. but why??? the leaders of that country are partially or whole surpport for the United State.

But why it doesn’t happen as the same way in Lybia?? perhaps u got the answers! the united state can’t take advantage of Gadhafi any more!!!! he doesn’t obey with the US. Only by killing him can solve the problem. That’s why his death is the histotical moment!! it’s totally the same logic as the death of Osama Binladin. When you are no use, you need to die!!! that’s the trick of the united state. Don’t be so trust for the strong power, China in the same way. Alway listen to your own words!!! save yourself and save the country!!

you can see this pic from CNN. it’s really inhumanity.

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