Nanliao, Hsinchu City, Taiwan

I’m sure that the best things in the world is to appreciate the natural view, enjoy the artificial archetects,  experience the wind and indulge yourself in the feeling of nature!!  I always spend all day long  relaxing and doing whatever you like, such as reading magazines, drinking a cup of coffee, listening to the classic music or go to the beachside to enjoy the sea breeze. Perhaps that’s the meaning of travel!!  Today I’d like to show you somewhere  to go  in Hsinchu City, the place where I live now.

Taiwan is surrunded by the sea so that every county has its own beach side. The picture was taken in Nanliau, the beach side in Hsinchu. The place was used to be a fishing port, but now there is a new port on the other side.  Now the old one is used to be a turist attraction. It’s a good place for photography and  for wedding photos.  On the left sight building, it’s very creative.  The blue cone in the building is a standpipe!!!  It’s decorated well, isn’t it?  On the right side, the building was used to be an office.  It’s totally an old building but looking new on the appearance. What’s more, it’s really romantic!!

However, this is a new building. the style is consistent with the old port. It’s used for overlooking the whole view of beach side. You can try for it, especially lots of kites in the sky.

If you are a SASHIMI lover, don’t forget to eat it.  it’s really cheap and very fresh. NT$100 for a plate.  My family sometimes eat the seafood there. You can choose the ingredient which you like on the first floor, and then ask for cooking on the second floor.  it’s very conservative. like this

Choose what you like, and eat what you like immediately!!!  I like to eat fried oyster, clays, shrimp, and SASHIMI in particularly!!

Moreover, when it comes to Nanliao, lots of couples and family members would spend half an day riding the bicycle along the beach side. Hsinchu government designed a bicycling route along the sea up to 17 miles.  it’s really romantic and enjoyable.

Riding along the route, you can descover something interesting if you carefully observe, perhaps crabs, snakes or the beautiful building on the road. i’m going to introduce you is that the magnificent building was designed by Ieoh Ming Pei, who has ever designed Louvre pyramid in Paris, Museum of Islamic Art in Doha etc…

That’s it, but little people know.  It’s an incinerator but the building is creative. Using glass for its out looking. it’s really eco-friendly.

there are lots of international good place in Taiwan, but our government don’t know how to promote.

Welcome to Taiwan and let’s travel together!

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6 thoughts on “Nanliao, Hsinchu City, Taiwan

  1. What a wonderful place!

  2. Aloha Jean,
    I really like the pictures and captions you put together, they really do fit all together nicely. Keep taking more and sharing more about the history of Taiwan and where you live.

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