Adventure Travel


Why we go out for travel??

Frankly speaking, I don’t prefer to go some place where is very popular on the internet. Now it’s the age of information explosion, if you can find anything on the internet or on TV, how can you learn something by yourself from a tour?  The meaning of itself from a tour is not by others’ saying, but by yourself.

You can see that it’s a totally destroyed place, but I learn a lot from adventure haa. It’s a lane between houses which was built by Japanese, on the age of Japan governance. Order and neatness is the feature of Japanese no matter on the ancient time or nowadays. It’s just like a labyrinth. I even spend around three hours but not seeing them all.


After the Japanese occupation, Taiwan was governed by KMT, a political authority party on that time. They wrote to operate three principles of the people, the country is of the people, by the people and for the people, the meaning just like Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln. People finally have the political right rather than under Japanese domination, but in my point of view, that’s all leadership saying to govern citizen thought.


Do you know what’s the lane for? it’s a firebreak, but we can’t see any more. Because of sharply increasing people population, we avoid everything necessity. I still don’t know why we become much more stupid. Fire lane is in need for sure. We even put aluminum windows and doors to against robbery nowadays. What’s wrong with  such “modern people”?


Can you believe ancient people use vertical bamboo and powder to constitute a wall instead of cement?? That’s the wisdom of ancient people. They took good advantage of rejection. So smart and cool!!  I really love wild and unknown places. You can take a glimpse of another awesome pics.

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