Hsinchu, Taiwan


Let me take you to the most romantic place in Hsinchu, Taiwan. It’s call persimmon farm! The owner of the farm told to me that the harvest season is limited from September to next year January. They work half a year, and rest for another half a year.

 Hsinchu is famous for its strong wind, but good for the process of making persimmon cake. Dating back to the Sung dynasty, the Hokkins know they need to do something for fear that they don’t have food to eat. They pickle lots of products, and persimmon cake is one of them. That’s the reason why we can eat the yummy dessert now.

With the strong wind and the  sunlight, persimmon cake would become better to bite, better to look and sweeter to eat, the owner said. I would rather say we are not only just eating the food, but learning the modesty of ancient people.

It’s the another view of the farm, but actually that is the ancestral shrine of owner. It’s a very special and traditional feeling. It’s called Hokkin style!!! It’s a  good place for taking wedding dress photo and represents Taiwanese specialty!!

You can also eat something relative, like persimmon chicken soup (the pic above), a persimmon popsicle, and there are lots of DIY classes, such as making persimmon cake, persimmon doll and dying the persimmon. It’s definitely a good place for whole family and for the tourists who want to know deeply of  Taiwanese culture.

When it comes to Hsinpu, Hsinchu, Taiwan, you really need to eat the flat noodles, the most representative food of hakkin. I’ve gone there for lots of time, so i know which stand is much more original.

Especially for this kind of sauce, it’s really delicious to eat with the chicken meat and the vegetable. the special sauce is also a classic culture of Taiwan Hakkin!!

After taking around the persimmon farm, eating the Hakkin delicious food, let’s take a tour of historical site.  Hsinpu is a place where lots of Hakkins live in and many ancient Hakkin relics are well preserved.

Are you a person who wants to know different culture deeply??

Are you a Chinese culture lover??

Please make me know. I’m Jean who really loves to travel and loves to make friends!!

Welcome to Taiwan!!    Let’s be friends!!


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