Why Deep Tour

What do you expect during a tour?

Can you agree that the person who accompany with you is much more important than where you go during a tour?

In my opinion, you spend the money and your precious time, then you surely need to learn something  during  a tour not just for 10 minutes sight-seeing or lots of beautiful pictures taking.

From Jean Pan Deep Tour, the tour guide, Jean Pan, is going to keep accompany with you during the whole trip, have a peaceful pace, and constant explanation. Only by doing this, the trip is meaningful. You will quickly know what the people do in their daily life, the wisdom of their life, the history of the place. That’s why lots of DIY activities which you can’t search on the internet in my itinerary. What am I trying to do is not only for realizing culture, but for culture experience and immerge  on different culture atmosphere.

By the way, lots of awesome place in Taiwan can only be approached by a car, so I will drive a jeep no matter where we go to a mountain site or seashore. That’s a backpacker can’t do.

Taiwan, the Formosa island, is the best choice for you in Asia. People here are very friendly and hospitable, especially me, Jean Pan haha.



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